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It’s easy to get to the Island that’s like no place on earth.

Getting to Guana

From the US or Europe, fly by commercial airline into Tortola’s Beef Island Airport (EIS) via Miami, San Juan, St. Thomas, or Antigua. Or fly privately or by charter. Our boatmen will be waiting for you with a smile, and then it’s just minutes in our launch to Guana’s White Bay. Our reservations office will be happy to guide you on the best way to travel to Guana from your location.

As we hope you’ll soon find out for yourself,
the only difficult part about a trip to Guana is leaving it.

“If escaping somewhere far from the madding crowd is your idea of heaven, this privately owned isle in the British Virgin Islands will render you starry-eyed. With a maximum of 35 guests, and no other island inhabitants, Guana offers blissful serenity and the chance to get back to nature (850 glorious acres worth).”

Travel + Leisure

“This private island is a shocking 850 acres! but there are only ever 35 guests, so it feels, almost, like it’s all yours.”


“Imagine the Caribbean 200 years ago. Uninhabited islands. Calm, breezy beaches. Wildlife-dense tropical forests. It’s gone forever right? No. You can still find it on Guana Island, a private patch of land with a low-key vibe.”

Architectural Digest