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Dining on the Island

Guana’s internationally trained chefs create exquisite, farm-to-table cuisine, bolstered by produce from our own organic orchard, and breads and muffins from our ovens.

All meals and wines, as well as snacks like tropical fruit and fresh-baked cookies, are included.

The Orchard

The Wellspring of our Healthy Organic Menus

Our organic Orchard provides wholesome produce for guests at every meal, and reduces reliance on imported food. Here you’ll find papaya, passion fruit, banana, coconut, pineapple, mango, wax apple, plantain, pomegranate, lime, grapefruit, orange, carambola, breadfruit and sugar cane along with micro greens and other leafy vegetables. Our staff will gladly arrange a visit to the Orchard at any time during your stay.

Our daily menus are determined by the happenings at the orchard… and the ingredients are sourced within arm’s reach.


With over 40 different varieties of fruit, vegetables, and flowers, the Orchard provides a large portion of the fresh ingredients used by our chefs each day. Staples like papaya, banana, and passion fruit grace the breakfast table, along with fresh eggs from our free range chickens. Lunch salads include fresh tomatoes, lettuces, seasonal peppers, and cucumbers. And dinners feature Orchard-grown herbs and spices and our own microgreens. More exotic items like Indonesian Spinach, Calalou, and Wax Apple inspire unique, Guana-created recipes.

Fresh coconut is served to guests on an afternoon visit to the Orchard.

Orchard-grown Papaya is a staple at the Island’s breakfast table. Guana’s Papaya trees can grow up to 30 feet tall

The extraordinary flavor of fresh-picked bananas provides the foundation for Guana’s trademark Banana Fritters.