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The Island all to yourself...


Start with a ceremony in the morning sun on magnificent White Bay Beach, a perfect sunset on the Queen’s Terrace overlooking the Sea, or a moonlit night in the fragrant Garden of Eden.

For the wedding feast, a beach banquet that begins at dusk, continues with dancing on the sand to live music, and ends with a nighttime swim under a shimmering canopy of stars. Our staff will take care of everything, working with you to plan your wedding to the smallest detail. Come as a couple, a small group, or bring friends and family and take over the Island for an unforgettable experience.

Private Island Takeover

For celebrations like weddings, family reunions or special birthdays — or just for fun — you and up to 35 of your luckiest friends or family can have the Island to yourselves. Our staff will work with you in advance to arrange every detail of your “private island takeover.” With no marina or other public facilities, all 850 acres will be yours for as long as you like.