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Discover Guana Island

…the Virgin Island that still is.

Imagine the Caribbean before it went public

One of the few private islands in its part of the world…

Guana remains the most unspoiled jewel of the British Virgin Islands. Our 850 acres, seven beaches, mountains, gardens, organic orchard, dozens of hiking trails, and even our flock of flamingos are the exclusive domain of a handful of guests for the duration of their stay. In this setting, where the sparkling Caribbean meets the vast Atlantic, you’ll find first-class dining, accommodations, and service in a tradition of low-key luxury perfected through nearly a century of family stewardship.

Sprinkled along a scenic ridge and cooled by gentle trade winds —
each of our 18 unique rooms and villas offers commanding views of the Caribbean and the Atlantic.

There is no public bar, marina, or any commercial facility on the Island.

Guana’s understated elegance and absolute privacy (only registered guests are permitted) have long made it a hideaway retreat for luminaries from the worlds of art, literature, politics, and industry.

“Yes, 90 percent of Guana Island remains wild but the resort, which holds just 35 guests in 18 rooms, finds its decadence in privacy and natural beauty.”

Condé Nast Traveler

“Guana is secluded, undisturbed, and undiscovered…it may be the last B.V.I. still “virgin” in any meaningful sense.”

Departures Magazine

“Ever fantasize about getting stranded on a deserted island? If so, this small slice of paradise will tempt you to throw your return ticket out to sea.”

Architectural Digest