The Quakers

The recorded history of Guana begins in the 18th century with the establishment of the “Quaker Experiment”—a sugarcane farming community. Ruins of the settlement are still visible and the Quaker Great House now serves as The Club.

The Bigelows

Another kind of experiment began on the island in 1935 with the arrival of Louis and Beth Bigelow, who left their home in Massachusetts in search of Utopia and found that Guana fit the bill quite nicely. They established the Guana Island Club and their eclectic mix of guests would stay for months at a time, enchanted by a place where, as one visitor described it, “There was no electricity and no hot water but we all dressed for dinner.”

The Jarecki Family

Like the Bigelows before them, Henry and Gloria Jarecki found their perfect island paradise in Guana. They purchased the island in 1975 with the goal of upgrading and modernizing the existing facilities while sustaining the island’s biodiversity, historic ambiance, and luxury castaway ethos. This holistic focus is the Jareckis’ guiding philosophy and ensures that the Guana Island will remain the extraordinary place it is for generations to come.